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Tech Predictions for Radio and Digital

NAB PILOT rounds up opinions including several about radio

Tech concept image for 2021NAB’s PILOT technology initiative recently posted technology predictions for the coming year.

A sampling of those related to radio:

PILOT Executive Director John Clark wrote that consumers will have one-on-one conversations with their preferred local news providers over voice platforms.

“Chatbots and messaging apps with these kinds of personalized ‘conversations’ are already prevalent in other areas (e.g., customer service apps), including news. As these interactions extend to voice platforms, we’ll see local news being delivered not just as a request for a headline but as a conversation about a headline.”

David H. Layer, NAB vice president, advanced engineering, said U.S. broadcasters will embrace RadioDNS, as hybrid radios for vehicles become more prevalent. He called on stations to create a RadioDNS Service Information file so they will display properly.

“Broadcasters can do this themselves or work with a number of service providers who can assist free of charge. It’s vital for broadcasters to do this so that automakers can be assured that their investment of time and resources in developing great radio receivers is appreciated and supported.”

Jeremy Sinon, VP of digital strategy for Hubbard Radio, says companies are “waking up to digital channels that have been available to us all along and getting serious about maximizing their potential.” Key trends, he wrote, will include “doubling down on podcasting and social media, producing more digital video (live and recorded) and taking advantage of the built-in discoverability potential of YouTube.”

Joe D’Angelo, senior vice president of radio at Xperi, said the past year demonstrated broadcast radio’s vital role “to inform, calm and entertain.” With the FCC’s approval of optional all-digital transmission on AM, he said, “look out for launch of some very exciting all digital AM formats.” He also highlighted the company’s rollout of DTS Connected Radio.

Beyond radio, Jason Friedlander, senior director of product marketing at Verizon Media, said that “edge compute” will begin to make personalized experiences a reality. Mike Kelley, vice president and chief information security officer at E.W. Scripps, said ATSC 3.0 will begin to have dramatic and unexpected impact.

And Sam Matheny, NAB’s chief technology officer and executive vice president of technology, wrote, “NAB Show will roar back as the world’s largest trade show for media, entertainment and technology in October. With the benefit of a vaccine and time, it will be an early success story leading the way for large-scale in-person gatherings.”

Read their comments and others.