Incomplete Public File Trips Up WWNU

Commission to grant license renewal but hits licensee Double O with $10,000 fine
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The FCC plans to grant the license renewal for WWNU(FM), Irmo, S.C. but fined owner Double O South Carolina Corp. $10,000 for having an incomplete public inspection file.

The commercial licensee admitted on its renewal application, FCC Form 303-S, that it was missing certain issues/program lists from 2005, 2008, all of 2009 and the first quarter of 2010.

The commission called the violations “extensive,” since they spanned five years.

Yet they were not serious enough to block renewal. The commission found no evidence that the missing lists were part of a pattern of abuse of its rules. The agency plans to grant the license renewal separately after the public file proceeding is resolved.

Double O has 30 days to appeal, or pay the fine.


Show Me the Public File

Although a majority of Missouri radio stations complied with Public Inspection File requests in a recent study, one in five licensees failed to produce Issues-Programs Lists upon demand during station visits.