Inovonics 713 Offers Scrolling-PS, RadioText

Inovonics 713 Offers Scrolling-PS, RadioText
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Inovonics says its 713 RDS/RBDS encoder conforms to European and U.S. standards for FM datacasting, supports service IDs and offers simultaneous scrolling-PS and RadioText messaging.
Other RDS applications supported include Program Identification, Program Service Name, Program Type, Traffic Program, Travel Announcement and Alternative Frequencies.
The 713 operates with an FM exciter and stereo generator, and connects to radio automation systems. Three-way addressability includes a front-panel USB port for static register programming of station and format IDs, and for entering default scrolling or static text. In full-dynamic operation, station automation communicates with an RS-232 serial connection or with TCP/IP network protocol over a LAN or the Internet.
The 713 can "parse" scrolling text, breaking phrases into word groups, or can display text with the Inovonics "Safe Scrolling" option.


Inovonics Debuts BandScanner

Inovonics is introducing its BandScanner, an FM scanning receiver that plugs into the USB port of any PC. Supplied Windows software sweeps the receiver across the FM band, logging every carrier and generating a spectrum display of carrier level vs. frequency. Stations with an RBDS presence may be analyzed in additional detail.