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Interep Reveal Sales Contest Winners

Interep Reveal Sales Contest Winners

Interep announced the winners of the $250,000 sales contest surrounding the planning group initiative that ran from July 1 through Dec. 31, 2003. Top prizes were given to sellers who completed the most sales calls/follow-up presentations to agency planning groups, as well as those who wrote the largest orders as a result of these meetings.
David Criscitelli from Interep’s Washington, D.C. office took top honors, booking a million-dollar sale and receiving the top prize of $20,000. Sue McNamara, Infinity Radio/NY, took second prize for highest sale and received a $10,000 incentive. Elliot Selzer, McGavren Guild/Chicago, took third prize are received $5000.
Three $10,000 prizes were awarded for sellers who completed the greatest number of qualifying sales calls. One prize was given for each of the following office groups: New York/Los Angeles, Chicago/Atlanta/Dallas, and all other offices.
Amanda Arrington, D&R/Los Angeles, and Chip White, Infinity/New York, tied for the NY/LA office award. Each will receive $5000. Barbara Gmerek, ABC/Chicago and Lauren Kinnucan, McGavren Guild/Chicago tied for the mid-market award, and will each receive $5000. Larry Adams, Infinity/Seattle was the sole winner of the award in his office category, and will receive $10,000.
Additionally, over 60 individual payments of $500 were awarded to sellers who successfully completed sales calls and follow-up presentations to planning divisions and upper-level decision-makers. To date, the initiative generated over $10 million in new radio business. The goal for the year 2004 is $30 million.