Internet Radio in the Dashboard: Motorola Plans Service

Internet Radio in the Dashboard: Motorola Plans Service
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Motorola is testing iRadio, which it calls a podcast-like technology that allows Internet radio to play through cell phones to car music systems, according to the Chicago Tribune in a report carried by UPI. The monthly service would cost $5 to $7 per month.
iRadio is being tested in L.A. and Washington and could be available nationally by the end of the year, the newspaper reports. Subscribers could select six downloads from a menu of channels available on the Internet. The phone and the car radio have to be Bluetooth-enabled so the system also may involve a $50-$70 adapter.


Dashboard Look for BE Importer

V2.0 software for the Broadcast Electronics (BE) IDi 20 HD Radio importer unit enhances the dashboard-like graphic user interface with bitrate "tachometers" in addition to on-console audio level and other controls for the management of multiple program channels.