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I/One Connects Offers Plug, Patch and Play Studio Networking

I/One Connects Offers Plug, Patch and Play Studio Networking

FireWire is the pitch from I/One Connects, a new Canadian company founded by Richard Byrne. He is familiar to broadcasters from stints with several suppliers and is now touting a new product called the I/One. The breakout box uses FireWire to create a distributed routing system geared to the specialized uses in broadcast.
Users can connect analog or digital audio sources and route them wherever needed in 24-bit, up to 96 kHz audio quality.
I/One takes advantage of the IEEE 1394 FireWire standard and Yamaha mLAN connectivity to simplify cabling throughout a facility. Each 3 RU I/One chassis can support 32 channels of audio I/Os with hot-pluggable eight-channel modules. XLR connectors are standard.
According to the company, with I/One, setting up a network is a matter of arranging a FireWire cable drop in each location to be connected and then plugging in the I/One nodes and configure the connections.