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Jambo Using Bid4Spots

Jambo Using Bid4Spots

Bid4Spots says Jambo, which makes products that connect people by phone to businesses represented in Internet search and traditional media, has launched a test program using radio ads to drive phone leads to certain categories of Pay-Per-Call Collect advertisers.
The company is buying airtime through Bid4Spots, which buys and sells remnant radio time using a reverse auction format.
Jambo’s system gives advertisers phone leads from various media sources. Bid4Spots’ auction system, as has been reported in RW, has radio stations compete against each other for ad dollars.
Jambo will place radio ads for categories of businesses, such as DirecTV installers, mortgage lenders and lawyers. Ads encourage consumers to call local phone numbers to get in touch with a merchant; Jambo “cycles through” relevant matches until the consumer is connected with a merchant who wants that business, which the consumer indicates by accepting charges for the call.
Advertisers can choose whether or not to accept the charges on a pay-per-call basis. Charges appear on the merchant’s phone bill. Advertisers pay when they receive calls, not for the advertising itself.

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