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Kahn Still Trying to Test Cam-D

Kahn Still Trying to Test Cam-D

In his latest filing with the FCC for the IBOC proceeding, Leonard Kahn reveals he tested his Cam-D system on Nebraska 50 kW AM station KRVN at 880 kHz.
He told RW Online the system was on the air for three days and increased the station’s coverage but that “some employees found the sound unacceptable” and the tests were discontinued.
Kahn said he’s preparing prototype test equipment for a Salt Lake City station next.
He would like to test his system on a New York City AM, but claims he’s been “shut out” of all suitable facilities due to a “misuse of monopoly of power” perpetuated by Ibiquity, the FCC, NPR and NAB – which, he says, lobbyists call “the Taj Mahal.”
Kahn opposes the HD Radio IBOC system and has promoted his Cam-D system as an alternative.