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Kaufman Re-Ups With BBG

Kaufman Re-Ups With BBG

Edward Kaufman was reappointed to the Broadcast Board of Governors. He is president of a political and management consulting firm who teaches at Duke University; he is a former chief of staff to Sen. Joe Biden.
The board is now made up of Chairman Kenneth Tomlinson, Joaquin Blaya, Blanquita Cullum, Jeffrey Hirschberg, Norm Pattiz, Veronique Rodman and Steven Simmons, as well as Kaufman. Secretary of State Colin Powell is an ex officio member. The BBG is a federal agency that supervises U.S. government-supported international broadcasting, including VOA, Radio Sawa, Radio Farda and other services.
Kaufman has been on the board since it was created in 1995. Appointed by President Clinton, he was nominated for this term by President Bush and confirmed by the Senate.