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Kenwood to Ship HD Radio-Ready Multicast Tuner May 1

Kenwood to Ship HD Radio-Ready Multicast Tuner May 1

Beginning May 1, Kenwood will ship to its dealers HD Radio tuners with the ability to decode several digital channels. The unit, which will sport an NPR logo, is an upgrade of Kenwood’s current HD Radio tuner, the KTC-HR100. The KTC-HR100 can be used with all HD Radio-Ready Kenwood in-dash receivers.
The radio will list for $500 and be available from Kenwood dealers. Kenwood USA VP/New Technologies Mike Bergman said the company re-wrote the firmware for the radio, “giving it the ability to recognize the presence of supplemental channels tune to them and also display song title and artist.”
Dealers can special order the units at a customer’s request. Crutchfield will also carry the new product.
Kenwood is also offering upgrades of its HD Radio for those who wish to add the multicast capability. The upgrade offer is open to anyone, consumers or broadcasters. An individual can ship Kenwood’s HR100 back to the company and obtain a firmware upgrade for a fee. For information about how to ship the unit, call 1-800-Kenwood.