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Klotz Adds Octo-Bus; Ships 350th Console in U.S.

Klotz Adds Octo-Bus; Ships 350th Console in U.S.

Klotz showed a new digital audio network at NAB last week.
The company said its Octo-Bus carries audio in real-time, control data and power over CAT-5 cables.
“The synchronous buss protocol allows transmission of up to eight simultaneous channels of bidirectional digital audio including control data and system monitoring without any audible latency,” it said.
The network can be configured in a star or daisy-chained setup without routers or hubs. Klotz said it also allows users to expand their Klotz Digital Vadis platforms.
Separately, the company said its new Aeon on-air console is available with updated software and can be obtained in a 20-fader version. It was previously announced as eight, 12 or 16 faders.
And the company said it has sold its 350th digital audio mixing console in the United States. The client is Radio One in Lanham, Md., which will use a Vadis D.C.II. Klotz said it reached that mark in seven years of selling into this country.
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