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K-Rock Airs ‘Mash-Ups,’ Cites Underground Remix Trend

K-Rock Airs 'Mash-Ups,' Cites Underground Remix Trend

And on a side note from the programming end of the radio hallway:
Infinity’s WXRK(FM) is debuting a program called “Mash-Up Radio” this Friday evening Aug. 13. What, you ask, is a mash-up? It’s “the music trend of combining vocal tracks from one song with instrumental tracks from a different song,” according to the station, a trend that began as a hobby for club DJs and computer geeks.
DJ Muggs will host the one-hour rock/hip-hop mix show, produced by FM2 Radio in Los Angeles.
Specifically: “Mash-ups have been a prominent part of the music culture in Europe for many years and have recently grown in popularity in the United States,” the station stated. “DJ Muggs will debut never-before-heard mash-ups including Metallica vs. Bone Crusher, Linkin Park vs. Busta, Rage Against The Machine vs. DMX and Devo vs. 50 Cent.”
Operations Manager Rob Cross described it as combining two genres of music into one great song.