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KUNC Switches on New FM Site

KUNC(FM) switched to a new transmitter site on Buckhorn Mountain Monday evening.

KUNC(FM) switched to a new transmitter site on Buckhorn Mountain Monday evening.

Chief Engineer Larry Selzle tells us this is the same site from which KJAC at 105.5 and KXWA at 89.7 broadcast. “Both of these stations bill themselves as Denver stations, even though the site is 50 miles from the metro area,” he said.

“Coverage is phenomenal! KUNC now has terrific coverage through the Denver metro area,” something it has sought for two decades, though it does not plan to market itself as “Denver,” he said. The Class C1 noncom station is licensed to Greeley.

“While KUNC could be heard in the metro area from the former transmitter site, coverage was weak and spotty in many areas,” he told RW. “Quite a few commuters travel from the Greeley/Fort Collins/Loveland area to Denver and now they can enjoy KUNC for their entire commute.”

Educational Media Foundation station KLHV at 88.3 also has a small Class A located at the site. “The Buckhorn site has many other users, including a number of two-way users, both private and government; cell phone; micro-wave relay,” he said.

The radio stations are in a large two-story structure that used to be an AT&T microwave facility. KUNC is using Nautel analog and Harris digital transmitters, and a Shively 6810 six-bay, half-wave-spaced antenna.

The old site was about 20 miles north of Greeley, west of the town of Pierce. Regent Broadcasting owns the site and still operates two stations from there. KUNC will keep its old Continental transmitter there and license it as an aux site for the remainder of its lease with Regent.