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Liquor Ad Code Updated

Liquor Ad Code Updated

The Distilled Spirits Council today has updated its 69-year-old Code of Responsible Practices, advertising guidelines for marketing more than 2,800 brands of member company spirits, beer and wine products. Key changes include a 70% adult demographic for all advertising placements – Radio, TV and Print, and promotional events. The previous provision required a 51% adult audience.
The code now applies to advertising for all types of alcoholic beverages, not just spirits. “In an era of corporate mergers and consolidations many of our companies have acquired substantial beer and wine interests,” stated DISCUS.
The trade group has established an external advisory board. Richard Gitter, former broadcast network executive with 25 years experience overseeing advertising standards and compliance for NBC and ABC serves on the board.
Actors and models used in drinking ads must now be at least 25 years old.
The code was last updated in 1998 to incorporate Internet advertising. The new code applies to all advertising and marketing materials developed after Oct. 1.