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Listen in on 42.8 MHz Saturday

Armstrong buffs salute the 75th anniversary of FM demo

We told you this week that KDKA had celebrated its 90th birthday. Now comes another notable observance: the 75th anniversary of Major Armstrong’s public demonstration of wideband FM.

The anniversary is this Saturday.

“I will be activating the 42.8 MHz FM broadcast transmitter at the Alpine tower in Alpine, N.J., to commemorate this anniversary event,” Armstrong historian Steve Hemphill told Radio World. “I now have a full five- year FCC experimental license for the transmitter located there, under the call sign WA2XMN.”

He plans to rebroadcast portions of the program last aired at Alpine during the celebration of the 70th anniversary of the Major’s first public demonstration of wideband FM in 2005. So if you have the equipment, listen in on 42.8 MHz Saturday at noon Eastern time. Last time, the station could be heard at least 100 miles away.

You can also learn more about this on a site that details the event, and allow 42.8 MHz radio listeners to leave comments and reception reports.