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Majority Rules at Envision

New listener-driven radio tool available

Radio program and service provider Envision Radio Networks has announced the availability of Majority Rules, a listener-driven radio/crowdcasting tool.

Majority Rulesdisplays a song cue, ballot box and social apps box. A station can populate the cue with a list of songs and listeners can then use the ballot box to campaign for immediate song play decisions and also vote in the song cue to influence songs further in the pipeline. According to Envision, Majority rules works for single songs or even larger “battle of the bands” contests.

The social apps box allows for social media interfacing and communication between listeners. Majority rules will also interface with mobile devices.

President and CEO of Envision Radio Networks Danno Wolkoff explained:“Majority Rulesallows interactive participation anywhere and at any time. Now your listeners have a reason to talk about your station and music within their social networks.”