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Mays Fires Back at Rolling Stone

Mays Fires Back at Rolling Stone

Clear Channel is hitting back these days.
In a letter to Rolling Stone, interim CEO Mark Mays says the magazine reported “errors of fact, knowingly false statements and material omissions” in a Sept. 2 story about the company. Mays says the article contained more than 30 mistakes and complained that Rolling Stone did not ask the broadcaster to fact-check it.
“As the leader of a company that includes an award-winning news organization, I find that a particularly serious lack of journalistic responsibility,” Mays wrote.
He continued by outlining objections to the article and concluded: “Perhaps most importantly, the article completely and venomously dismisses the contributions of more than 900 program directors, hundreds of event bookers and producers, and scores of other talented professionals who run our company every day. This is an insult to them personally, to our company as a whole, and to the music industry to which these professionals have dedicated their talents and careers.”
Clear Channel posted the letter at