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Michael Bostic Passes Away

Engineer with Sconnix Broadcasting, Companion Radio

Michael Bostic, 64, passed away on Jan. 3 in Rochester, N.Y.

Most recently Bostic had been chief engineer for Networx’s Companion Radio, an audio service for facilities that serve senior citizens.

According to long-time colleague Richard Jones, director of programming for Networx Corp., Bostic initially worked both sides of the microphone, starting his radio career at WCMF(FM) in Rochester. He eventually focused on engineering and served at several other Rochester area stations, WKLX(FM) and WDKX(FM).

Once in the Sconnix Broadcasting corporate fold, after the company’s acquisition of WCMF, he would also work at stations in Boston, Kansas City, Mo., Miami and Wheeling, W. Va.

Jones said, “Mike went from radio transmitters and towers to microwave uplinks and dishes. I have worked with Mike since we were both at WKLX in 1988 and he was such a great engineer that I helped bring him to Companion Radio.”

Former Sconnix Director of Engineering Dick Wholey said: “I met Mike when we bought WCMF… He was the engineer and we kept him … His work was always top-notch.” Wholey noted Bostic’s mentoring of young engineering talent and said, “When we had engineering job openings, Mike sometimes recommended engineers that he knew…”

He is remembered here.