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Michigan Broadcasters Can Sign Up for Drone Tower Inspections

Aerial services provider Hyvion offers alternative to in-person tower crews

Drone-based tower structure surveys are becoming widely used to help diagnose the health of vital RF facilities across the United States. Now, the Michigan Association of Broadcasters (MAB) is teaming up with drone service provider Hyvion to offer a series of visual inspections of broadcast towers in the state.

The comprehensive tower inspections by unmanned aircraft will provide broadcasters in the state detailed 3D renderings and high-resolution images using AI processing, according to an announcement from MAB.

The tower inspections, which offer stations a way to preserve and protect their towers, are scheduled to be conducted this fall September 18–29 and next spring, April 15–26, 2024, across the state of Michigan.

“Hyvion’s drones capture high-resolution images of your towers, providing engineers with a clear view of equipment installations and their condition. The images serve as invaluable references for maintenance teams, enabling them to address specific issues effectively,” MAB said in the release.

Drone service provider Hyvion will offer a series of visual inspections of broadcast towers across the state.

Aerial services like Hyvion’s “eliminate the guesswork, providing engineers with precise data to make informed financial decisions with trackable insights over time,” MAB said.

Michigan broadcast stations can schedule the drone tower inspections here by filling out the registration form. MAB says inspections are $800 with stations receiving the 3D renderings and a full report at the conclusion of the inspection.

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