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Nautel Announces Webinars

Encore replay of GV introduction, with Spanish-language version

Transmitter maker Nautel has announced three webinars for the next two months.

Leading the way, on May 28, is sort of a repeat of the introduction of the GV Series FM/HD Radio transmitters from late March. Nautel Director of Sales Chuck Kelly and lead designer Scott March and will make use of material from the original event along with additional new information and a demo. Live questions will be entertained as well.

A Spanish-language version will be helmed by Gerardo Vargas, regional manager for Latin America and the Caribbean.

On June 4, Chuck Kelly and Jeff Welton, sales manager for the central United States, will conduct a webinar, “Extending the Life of Your Transmitter.” The two will concentrate on what are considered important factors in maintaining a healthy transmitter — positive airflow and lightning protection. Two very important items to keep in mind as summer approaches.

All webinars start at noon, EDT. For more information or to register, go here.