NBA Hosts 16 African Media Professionals

Nevada Broadcasters Association Participates in Edward R. Murrow Program for Journalists
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Sunday, Nov. 11, the Nevada Broadcasters Association will host 16 French-speaking broadcasters and journalists from 15 African nations.

The representatives from Benin, Democratic Republic of Congo, Madagascar and Togo all work in radio and will have the opportunity to tour a Las Vegas radio station (Lotus Broadcasting) as well as a PBS television station.

In the evening, NBA President and CEO Bob Fisher will open up his home to the broadcasters and journalists, as well as local radio and television general managers, for a NBA-hosted a dinner reception.

These visitors are invited to the United States through the State Dept.’s International Visitor Leadership Program, orchestrated through the Institute of International Education. The State Dept. has outlined objectives for the project such as examining the rights and responsibilities of a free press in a democracy; observe operational practices, standards and institutions of the media in the U.S.; participate in academic seminars and professional development symposiums highlighting current trends and challenges for media and learn about the United States.


Visser to Host Gracies

American Women in Radio and Television will honor the contributions and achievements of women in electronic media at the Annual Gracie Awards Gala in New York on June 18.