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NBC Backs Off Liquor Ads

NBC Backs Off Liquor Ads

Three months after becoming the first broadcast TV network in more than 50 years to accept liquor ads, NBC TV is dropping those plans. Pressure from Congress, a backlash from advocacy groups and a dearth of support from rival networks seemed to help make up NBC’s mind.
Radio never stopped taking liquor ads; but many groups have policies governing content and time slots. Radio had been warily watching the TV liquor ad issue unfold, lest it affect beer ads.
An official for NBC’s Standards and Practices said after listening to a variety of voices on the topic NBC concluded running the ads would not be appropriate “at this time”.
Mothers Against Drunk Driving sent a letter to the networks last week calling for more stringent ad guidelines for beer, wine and malt alternative products.
NBC had drafted liquor ad guidelines and had begun airing “responsibility” ads for Diageo’s Smirnoff vodka and had been planning full branding efforts this spring.