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Neutrik Adds Crimp-XLR

Neutrik Adds Crimp-XLR

Neutrik is out with what it calls the industry’s first Crimp-XLR cable connector and chassis receptacle products.
This is the crimp termination version of its “XX” and “DLX” series. The company said the Crimp-XLR is suitable for large cable assemblies and solderless RoHS applications. It is available in several models. The three-pole FXX and MXX cable connectors are terminated on semi-automated machines and include boot assembly and cable testing, while the three-pole FXX and MXX connectors and the three-pole NC3FD-LX-HA and NC3MD-LX-HA chassis connectors are terminated with hand crimp tools.
The company also announced an improved version of its XXR colored coding rings, for use with the XX series. “The XXR provides faster and easier connections for audio and instrumentation applications, as the new coding rings expand to fill the void between the rear boot and the front shell/housing, for a more secure and durable fit,” it stated. The insert does not have to be unsoldered to change the color coding. The rings also enable easy identification between XLR cable ends and panel-mount receptacles.
And the company has introduced the DLX Series, an enhanced version of its DL XLR chassis connectors. It is intended as a match for the EMC XLR cable connector and is touted for its RF protection and electromagnetic shielding.