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NextRadio Highlights Disney Promotion

Contest was called “Fly Away With Demi Lovato”

To gain long-term traction, NextRadio will want to snag more big-name partnerships like this one. The app provider is calling attention to a promotion it ran for a Disney contest; it says the experience demonstrates how the hybrid radio app can be used to add a digital component to broadcast artist promotions and to measure contest performance.

The NextRadio app combines local tuning in FM chip-enabled smartphones with internet-based features. It was developed by TagStation LLC, owned by Emmis Communications, with partial funding from NAB Labs. The company says it ran an eight-week promotion on 83 stations in April and May for the contest “Fly Away with Demi Lovato,” in which the app served a digital ad to encourage listeners to register each time a Lovato song played on the station being listened to.

“The campaign delivered a measurable mobile response: 43.3% of users who heard the song clicked to view the digital ad,” NextRadio said in an announcement. “More than 2 percent of those users who clicked converted to entries.” It said the app delivered approximately 2,500 contest landing page visits and about 200 entries to Disney; it also “proved to be a testing ground for Demi Lovato songs, showing which made the biggest campaign impact.”

The majority of listening and viewing for the promotion occurred on weekend and evenings. The best performing formats were adult hits and top 40. Disney tested two entry forms and found that one of them resulted in 75 percent of entries.

NextRadio quoted Disney Music Group Manager, Digital Radio Promotion Jeremy Vara saying the company is “encouraged” by the results. He said the campaign brought together FM radio, “moment marketing — which helped us target the users of the app who were listening to Demi’s music in the moment,” and the personal nature of mobile.