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Nielsen: Car Buyers Increasingly Want Connectivity

Emergency help, navigation, safety top built-in features buyers want

Today’s car buyers are becoming just as interested in gigabytes and touchscreens as they are in horsepower and transmissions. More than 60% of connected car drivers tell Nielsen they looked for built-in features when they bought their cars.

Emergency help, Internet-enabled navigation and safety alerts are the top three connected car features potential car buyers consider important, according to a Nielsen survey. Entertainment connectivity, where radio lives in the dash, is fourth, followed by driving analytics and vehicle diagnostics.

Who drives a connected car now? The majority are men (58%). More than 60% of those consider themselves early adopters, according to Nielsen. Most of them (52%) drive more than one hour in the vehicle daily.

In contrast, those who don’t yet own connected cars but said they’re interested in the technology spend less time in their cars, as only 37% spend more than an hour driving each day.

Sixty-five percent respondents across 60 countries are planning to buy a new or used car in the next two years, according to findings from a different Nielsen survey. Just over half, 56% of respondents are North Americans. The rest are spread among potential buyers from Latin America, the Middle East and Asia-Pacific.