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Nippon Broadcasting Joins Audioburst AI-Based Voice Search Network

Global deal also includes US$3 million investment in Audioburst

Nippon Broadcasting System Inc. and Audioburst have signed a joint partnership for supporting and building new future voice technology products relying on Audioburst’s AI-based voice search platform, especially for the Japanese market.

As part of the expanded partnership, Audioburst says Nippon Broadcasting System Inc. also invested UD$3 million during Audioburst’s latest funding round led by Samsung Ventures, bringing the round’s total funding to $14.4 million.

Audioburst is a voice search platform that uses AI and NLP [Natural Language Processing] to listen, understand, segment and index daily talk content from audio sources including radio, podcasts, and TV.

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The company explains that the platform enables the delivery of news and infotainment in a personalized, original voice and screen-free way to consumers and businesses through partnerships with creators, media platforms and consumer brands including Samsung, Harman, and Bose.