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OMT Offers Broadcasters Internet Portal

OMT Offers Broadcasters Internet Portal

OMT Technologies premiered at The NAB Radio Show.

The service is designed as a complete Internet solution for radio and television stations. It features live audio and live video feeds, a choice of bandwidths, a customized player, rotating ad banner system, track titling and album art and Internet ad insertion.

The main system’s streaming media distribution system uses Globix’s Tier 1 global network. This network features a national 2 Gbps internal distribution backbone with 11 or more 155 Mbps and nine or more 45 Mbps network access points.

Other features of include the ability to include an in-studio Web camera, a live chat room, eShopping and Virtual Office services.

The Virtual Office services allows customers to request appointments, view public events on station calendars, visit personal Web pages and contact management. It allows the station to manage e-mail services, schedule and view appointments, provide ICQ interfaces with instant messaging and manage station expenses.

The system pricing starts at $225 per month and can increase according to what options are included.

B.M. Cox