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Orban Fires Back Over Competitor’s Claims

Orban Fires Back Over Competitor's Claims

Orban has responded to recent claims from arch-competitor Omnia Audio.
Omnia Audio said earlier this month that “leading FM broadcasters choose Omnia audio processors more often than all other brands combined,” citing surveys of stations in Arbitron’s top 10 markets. More than half of the top 100 FM stations in the country use its audio processing, Omnia said, basing its statistics on the spring Arbitron numbers.
Orban President/CEO Jay Brentlinger responded in writing to RW Online.
“Orban hasn’t been keeping detailed statistics of its own, so we can’t immediately counter Omnia’s specific claims that more than half of the top-100 stations are ‘processing’ with Omnia. Does this mean ‘on the air,’ or does it mean that the station has bought an Omnia of any model sometime in the past?
“It evidently does mean that in Omnia’s researched markets other than New York, Dallas and Philadelphia (i.e., Los Angeles, Chicago, San Francisco, Washington D.C., Boston, Houston, and Detroit), Omnia does not dominate,” Brentlinger wrote.
For example, he continued, “we know that all four of the top four FM stations in the Los Angeles market (Arbitron 12+, 6 a.m.-midnight) are processing with not just any Optimod, but with Optimod 8400.”
Brentlinger said his company has shipped more than 850 Optimod 8400s.
For the full text of the Omnia press release and Orban reaction, see