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Orban Revises Audio Document

Orban Revises Audio Document

An update of a publication from Orban is available free online.
“Maintaining Audio Quality in the Broadcast Facility” is a download at It was published in the early 1980s in editions for AM and FM and has been updated several times.
“The 2003 edition combines the treatment of AM, FM and netcasting, discussing recording media, system considerations, the production studio and equipment following Optimod,” Bob Orban said.
“In the 2003 edition, the coverage of digital technology has been substantially enlarged, with expanded material on lossy compression and transmission codecs, plus a list of ‘digital myths’ and why they are incorrect.”
The publication still has sections on maintenance of analog turntables and tape, which Orban said “may prove to be a valuable resource to younger broadcast engineers who are suddenly faced with a program director who wants to add a live ‘club mix’ program to the station’s lineup, or to transfer recordings not available on CD.” Info:

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