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Orion Webbox Named Best CPE Solution

All-in-one Internet audio interface wins award

The Society for Broadband Professionals awarded the Orion Webbox from Solutions Radio as best European Customer Premises Equipment solution.

Nominated by United Pan-European Communications, daughter company of Liberty Global Inc, Solutions Radio accepted the award for technological innovations during a dinner in March in Woburn Abbey, England.

“The Orion Webbox is a great resource for all visually impaired people, because you are less dependent on others for daily functioning. By introducing a special, cheap UPC-Internet connection we have made the Webbox more accessible for the visually impaired,” said Mick Fernhout, VP Strategy & Corporate Development at UPC.

The Orion Webbox gives the user access to voice information and entertainment such as talking books, newspapers and magazines and also the latest news, weather, radio stations, theme channels and podcasts.

Five years after introduction and with feedback from users , a new version was released in February. The Webbox2, says the company, is smarter, faster and simpler.

UPC in the Netherlands recognized this CPE application and introduced a cheap Internet connection for customers. This, says Solutions Radio, has helped numerous people who previously could not enjoy radio and television to their fullest extent, to listen to spoken television subtitles and a growing number of Internet radio stations.