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Pristine Tells What’s in the Black Box

Pristine Tells What's in the Black Box

Pristine Systems said its Blackbox Digital Audio Logger, Monitor and Alert System helps manage compliance, proof, audit, programming and engineering needs. It records audio from 16 stereo AM, FM and TV stations at a variety of sample rates. Blackbox records the entire programs along with “mic open” markers. Skimming is performed during playback by clicking to jump between the markers.
A Virtual Radio interface allows switching between stations during playback. The Blackbox also records RF Signal Strength and has an extensive alarm system that provides alerts that can play a WAV file through the station PA system, send a serial command to a switcher or modem, dial a pager or phone, send an e-mail message, issue a DOS command to a computer and/or use TTL to control lamps or warning devices.
Applications include using the recorder for podcasting, time shifting, repeat-record and promo recorder.
Also new, SmartPromo is an intelligent automation software within Pristine’s CDS32 system that assembles the right previously recorded VOs and music bites for any number of songs coming up for airplay, automatically creating a VO promo tease.
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