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Spotify Expands Audience Network

Makes its “audio marketplace” available in Canada, U.K. and Australia

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Spotify is expanding its audio advertising marketplace to several new countries.

“Following a successful U.S. launch of the Spotify Audience Network in April, Spotify is taking its audio-first advertising marketplace on the road,” according to the announcement. “The network will now be available to advertisers and Megaphone publishers in Australia, Canada and the U.K. as of June 29.”

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The company calls it an “audio-first advertising marketplace.” It includes the audiences that listen to podcasts from the company’s four studios — Spotify Studios, The Ringer, Gimlet, Parcast — and from third-party podcast publishers including ViacomCBS, the Wall Street Journal, Girlboss and adelicious.

According to a Spotify info page, “Advertisers have historically bought podcast ads on a title-by-title basis. And while title-based buying remains an effective way to align with trusted podcasts and hosts, an advertiser’s reach is limited to a specific title. This has made it challenging to target your customers at scale.”

Its marketplace, it says, provides audience-based targeting tools including demographic targeting, geographic targeting and audience segment targeting.