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Super Hi-Fi Launches AI-Based Mastering Tool

VoiceIQ is for radio stations and other audio applications

Super Hi-Fi has added to its suite of AI-based tools with a new audio mastering tool.

“VoiceIQ is an AI-powered audio mastering tool that automatically solves the most common problems found in today’s voice track recordings: noise in the files; gaps of silence at the edges; inappropriate and inconsistent equalization for production use; non-optimal dynamic range; low recording volume; and much more,” the company said in the announcement.

It uses audio analysis and machine learning processes to convert each voice track into a production-ready file.

Click the image to access a demo of the tool on the Super Hi-Fi website.

It said the user can take voice recordings from any device and convert those files into studio-quality masters without the need for manual intervention. The tool is targeted to radio broadcasters, streaming music services, audio advertisers and other audio platform users. 

VoiceIQ is available to use as part of Super Hi-Fi’s Automated Production Suite, or as a standalone service for integration into existing production stacks.

The company offers a demo on its website.

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