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Super Hi-Fi Introduces AI-Generated Weather Service For Radio

"Weathercaster is set to significantly enhance the way radio stations generate localized real-time weather reports"

Super Hi-Fi, an AI-powered SaaS platform, has announced the launch of Weathercaster, a weather service for radio that is fully-automated using artificial intelligence. “Weathercaster is set to significantly enhance the way radio stations generate localized real-time weather reports, providing highly accurate, timely information while completely automating the content creation and audio production processes,” said Super Hi-Fi in a company press release.

The company says Weathercaster “goes far beyond basic reports.” Accessing Super Hi-Fi’s MagicStitch technology, Weathercaster incorporates synthetic voiceovers, integrated sponsorships, format-specific music beds and custom station IDs into its automated weather reports. These segments can be tailored to fit 15, 30 or 60-second time slots.

“Weathercaster is extremely powerful, and extremely affordable, so we can now make the power of AI production accessible for stations of all sizes,” said Zack Zalon, co-founder and CEO of Super Hi-Fi. “Weathercaster combines accuracy and reliability, premium production quality, and an opportunity for stations to sell more premium sponsorships each day. Weathercaster doesn’t just automate weather reports… it elevates them.”

Weathercaster also offers radio stations custom, trackable sponsorship reads, designed to help stations to sell more premium ad spots, according to the company. The service has three subscription tiers — basic, premium and enterprise — starting at $199 per month. Super Hi-Fi also offers bulk pricing for coverage across larger station groups.

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