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Pubcasters Get Break on Data Royalties

Pubcasters Get Break on Data Royalties

CPB has negotiated a deal with Ibiquity Digital Corp. covering license terms for public radio. The primary audio license fee waiver has been extended until Aug. 29 (from June 30). This is to coincide with CPB dispensing station conversion funds. CPB is still reviewing applications and hopes to announce details soon.
CPB also garnered an agreement to exempt public stations from royalty payments from ancillary data services associated with HD Radio, specifically for noncommercial programming, should pubcasters choose to split their channels. Also exempt from the data royalty to Ibiquity are noncoms that use their data services to provide information to the blind or hearing-impaired.
“The royalty fees are waived as long as the channel is operated as a noncommercial service,” said Andy Bruno, CPB director of station advancement. He said public stations and NPR asked CPB to negotiate with Ibiquity on the agreement.