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Qimera Appoints ENCO as Exclusive North American Distributor

ENCO is showing Qimera compositing tools at InfoComm in Orlando

ENCO has been named the exclusive distributor of Qimera — an agreement that adds a suite of real-time compositing tools for virtual production sets and augmented reality graphics to ENCO’s range of broadcast and AV solutions.

Now, ENCO will support all sales and marketing operations in North America. The company will also consult Qimera on future product development, including features and integrations with ENCO and RUSHWORKS products, ENCO said.

ENCO will demonstrate Qimera’s technology at InfoComm — the largest professional audiovisual trade show in North America — June 13-15, in Orlando, Fla. There, the company will demo Qimera’s technology, including the recording of a green screen. ENCO will process the recordings live and present the output on a display screen. Those visiting the ENCO booth can interact with the technology and manipulate the virtual production elements, the company said.

The technology is marketed to broadcasters for in-studio work and on-location shoots of news, event and entertainment productions — both live and recorded.

A virtual news set generated by Qimera. (Photo credit: Qimera)

“Qimera offers advanced virtual production technology at a very affordable price point, opening new doors for small-to-mid market TV stations, corporations, universities and visual radio broadcasters that were once priced out of the market,” said Ken Frommert, president of ENCO. “At NAB, we previewed a full Qimera virtual set with a green screen and augmented reality graphics for product demonstrations and live presentations. The response from broadcasters across the spectrum, from PEG stations to national TV and radio networks, was overwhelmingly positive. We foresee strong demand for this technology across our broadcast and AV customer base, and an opportunity to extend the ENCO brand into new areas of live production.”

See ENCO at InfoComm booth 2816.

More information is available on the company’s website.

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