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Radio Horeb Leans on Lawo

German station uses crystal console in unique way

Florian Kislich, Radio Horeb audio engineer, stands near the SES aerial in Betzdorf, Luxembourg. When Radio Horeb was in need of a compact routing matrix it made the choice to go with Lawo’s crystal console.

Designed for small mixing applications, Radio Horeb’s Audio Engineer, Florian Kislich explains that he had to use the console in a different way so it could serve as the routing matrix to deliver content via Astra, DAB+ and the Internet from SES at Betzdorf, Luxembourg.

An image of the Lawo crystal with surrounding components, including a self-designed bypass-relay. “The Crystal can be fully remote-controlled from our studios and allows semi-automated fading between the different signals, including silence detection and automatic correction for some kinds of broken signals, e.g. phase correction,” said Kislich. “It even controls the parameters of additional devices at the remote location via GPIO and can perform a power reset of every device separately on demand.”

Radio Horeb is also using Lawo’s VisTool software for real-time processing monitoring, including level metering and DSP control.

In addition, the company has added Worldcast Horizon NextGen devices with SureStream technology for STL links. The Horizon NextGen codecs also transmit an embedded GPIO signal to deliver important commands even if the VPN is disconnected, says Kislich.

Kislich adds that audio quality is increased through APT-X at 384 Kbps and fewer transcoding steps than before, helping Radio Horeb deliver a quality DAB+ signal to all of Germany.