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RadioDNS Outlines 2011 Goals

Outreach, greater provision of RadioDNS services by stations are targets for 2011

RadioDNS is looking to get more stations implementing the technology, which links over-the-air radio with IP services, during 2011.

Speaking at the organization’s fourth general assembly on Feb. 15, Chairman Nick Piggott said that having more broadcasters providing RadioDNS services was critical to getting more device manufacturers to support the system.

RadioDNS is an open-source project that seeks to create a system that identifies every radio station in a manner that allows for receivers to add IP-delivered content to an over-the-air stream. It works with FM-RDS, digital radio and streaming radio and is comparable to how the domain name server (DNS) system is used to associate human-readable URLs with machine-readable IP addresses.

To facilitate implementation of RadioDNS, the organization plans to add to its website a directory of service providers who are able to help radio stations implement RadioDNS-based services and, for those who wish to do their own code development, a catalog of open-source software useful for implementing RadioDNS.

In addition, Piggott said that the organization will continue to talk to chipmakers about seeing RadioDNS implemented in silicon as a default, as well as talking with mobile telephone companies and device manufacturers. However, he stressed that those conversations become more compelling as more broadcasters provide RadioDNS services.

The organization is also continuing its outreach efforts to broadcasters by participating in and presenting at industry events, including the NAB Show, RadioDays Europe and the EBU Radio Assembly.

During the general assembly, Piggott was reëlected as chairman for another one-year term; James Cridland was reëlected as secretary; and the nine-person steering board for 2011 was elected.

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