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Radioplayer Expands to Switzerland

Swiss Radioplayer will feature some 150 stations in French, German and Italian for Switzerland and Liechtenstein

Radioplayer Worldwide is launching Swiss Radioplayer in collaboration with public service and private radio groups in Switzerland. The service will feature approximately 150 stations in French, German and Italian for Switzerland and the Principality of Liechtenstein.

The licensing agreement brings together the Swiss Association of Private Radios (VSP), the Union of Local Non-commercial Radio Stations (Unikom) and the Regional Radio Union of the French part of Switzerland (RRR), as well as the Swiss Broadcasting Corp. (SRG-SSR). The three private associations together with the public service SRG SSR have created “Swiss Radioplayer GmbH,” in which they each have a 25 percent stake.

“I am glad that so many radio stations have joined this industry project in such a short time,” said Jürg Bachmann, president of VSP and chairman of Swiss Radioplayer. “This joint appearance and integration into a European solution will do much to ensure that Swiss radio stations are also found on all digital platforms.”

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The company says Swiss Radioplayer will launch later this summer across multiple platforms, including an industry-wide web player and apps for iOS and Android. In addition, it says, the accord will allow Swiss broadcasters to benefit from Radioplayer’s partnership with the Audi/VW group and other car manufacturers. Swiss Radioplayer will also be available through integrations with Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, Smart Device Link, Chromecast, smartwatches and Sonos.