RDL Adds 'Universal' Mixer Stick-On

RDL Adds 'Universal' Mixer Stick-On
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RDL has expanded its lineup of Stick-Ons with a new "universal" mixer module. The company says the ST-UMX3 combines the functions and features of six of its existing mixing modules.
Each input is individually switch-selectable, mic or line, as in the output. The ST-UMX3 is capable of mixing any combination of three mic- or line-level sources, balanced or unbalanced, to a microphone- or line-level balanced or unbalanced output.
Input gain for each channel may be adjusted by top-mounted single-turn audio taper pots. A dual-LED VU meter is included for monitoring output level.
The ST-UMX3 replaces the ST-AMC3, ST-LMX3, ST-MLX3, ST-MMX3 and ST-MXL3, and may be used in place of the ST-MX3.
Info: rdlnet.com


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