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RF Generator for FM Modulation Analyzer

Audemat improves FM transmitter performance

The Audemat FM Modulation Analyzer now features an RF generator to ease the task of commissioning and testing of FM transmitters.

Thanks to this combination of features, the Modulation Analyzer, which is available in a single 3U chassis, enables engineers to simulate any FM signal and then feed it into the system’s comprehensive test suite.

Suitable for various applications, the Modulation Analyzer ensures that all transmitters in a network comply with regulations. It also allows broadcasters to perform regular evaluations so as to optimize the performance of each transmitter.

Called an important tool for those who manufacture or commission transmitters, the Modulation Analyzer also features a digital FM demodulator, RF spectrum analyzer, oscilloscope, dual-channel audio generator and distortion meter as well as MPX and RDS analyzers.

NAB Show Booth: C1632