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RNT Lyon Beefs Up Offerings

French DAB digital radio broadcast demo project adds stations

VDL, a digital radio equipment maker, put its money where its mouth is by launching the RNT Lyon demonstration project. RNT Lyon is a commercial DAB digital radio broadcast network, originally with a total of 15 national and local stations based in the city of Lyon and the surrounding area. It is now adding 15 more stations.

The original group consisted of: Africa No. 1, Cap Sao, FG DJ Radio, France Maghreb 2, Impact FM, Latina FM, MFM radio, Nova, Ouï FM, Radio Orient, Radio Scoop, RCF, Sol FM, Sud Radio and TSF Jazz. The new stations are: ADO, Antinea Radio, Beur FM, Crooner, Euronews, Just Hit, Generations, La Radio Plus, Phare FM, Prestige FM, Radio Festival, Radio Public Santé, Radio Vinci Autoroutes Sud, SNCF La radio and Urban Hit.

Commenting on the additional stations, VDL CEO Yannick Andre-Masse said: “This has been an exciting year in terms of raising the profile of digital radio in France. Stations can see that broadcast digital radio can offer more to their listeners especially in France which has always had a strong radio landscape.” He added, “Commercial broadcasters are leading the way, just as they have done in the past, to secure the future of radio.”

VDL has run the network in partnership with retailers and digital receiver maker Pure. The project started in May, 2011 and is scheduled to air for 18 months.