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SAS Adds Audio Network Interface

SAS Adds Audio Network Interface

SAS is offering an audio interface module that connects multiple SAS 32KD Digital Audio
Network frames.
ANI connects each frame with two duplex fiber-optic links that operate in a counter-rotating ring, the company stated. This topology results in full redundancy in the event that one of the fiber links is disconnected.
One ANI module in each frame links 750 to 1000 channels of audio between all frames in a 32KD system. A typical system of two frames operating at 44.1kHz links 850 channels.
Multiple ANI interfaces may be installed for the rare applications where more than 750 to 1000 channels need to be shared among all frames, the company said.
ANI is on the air on five stations at Infinity Los Angeles, two stations at Infinity San Francisco, three stations at Bonneville San Francisco, two stations at Bonneville Chicago, and two stations at Infinity Philadelphia, SAS said.
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