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Shively Completes Middle East Order for IBB

Shively Completes Middle East Order for IBB

Shively Labs said it has completed shipment of eight multi-station antenna and combiner systems to Iraq for the International Broadcasting Bureau/Broadcasting Board of Governors.
The systems will carry programming of the Voice of America and Radio Sawa.
“When combined with the recent orders for single station antenna/filter combinations, the IBB will be using Shively equipment to broadcast from over fourteen sites in Iraq,” the company stated. “These Iraqi systems include fixed frequency, broadband and adjustable frequency antennas, as well as adjustable bandpass filters.”
The orders are part of a multi-year contract IBB has with Shively for FM broadcast equipment as the U.S. government increases its presence on FM. The company says it now has or recently provided single and multi-station systems for shipment to Afghanistan, Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait, Jordan and Georgia, including a 12-bay, broadband directional panel system.