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At Hong Kong Show, iBiquity Will Introduce Reference Platforms for Battery Operated and USB-Powered HD Radio Products

Designers' packages should boost portable product rollouts and enable services like live traffic, gas prices, album art and station logos.

At next week’s Hong Kong Electronics Show, iBiquity Digital will introduce a “reference platform” aimed to help developers make battery-powered portable HD Radio products that cost less and use less power. This package includes schematics, bill-of-material, layout and software.

“The market has been demanding portable HD Radio products, and our partners are anxious to begin development,” stated COO Jeff Jury. Now, he said, all radio categories — high-end home component systems, tabletop radios, OEM automotive and aftermarket radios, and personal portable products — have a standard reference design; this enables quicker time to market development, he said.

The reference platform is based on Samsung EM’s Core-CR module. The portable HD Radio unit uses an Atmel AVR32 as its host microprocessor. The portable reference platform has support for MP3, USB On-The-Go and an SD card interface. The reference has monochrome graphic LCD 128 x 64 and uses 2 AA alkaline batteries.

Another technical announcement could speed development of HD Radio data services and visual-radio user interfaces, iBiquity said. The company is offering a reference platform for a low-cost, USB-powered HD Radio product.

Jury said the design gives manufacturers a path to add HD Radio technology to a PC, a portable navigation device or any device featuring a USB port. “It addresses an area of growing consumer interest by enabling services such as live traffic, weather, gas prices, news and a visual radio experience featuring station logos and album art.”