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IBC Sneak Peek: AI Powers Veritone’s Digital Media Hub  

Cloud-native portal lets rights holders and content creators access, manage, and deliver content centrally

Veritone Digital Media Hub is a cloud-native, white-label portal specifically designed for rights holders and content creators to access, manage, and deliver content centrally. It also offers users the option to monetize content to a global partner and customer network.

According to the company, the intuitive user interface gives a clean, organized SaaS portal where users can display assets such as video, images, poster art, and more. Digital Media Hub is configurable, so you can tailor it to your brand.

Recently, Digital Media Hub was enhanced with the power of Veritone aiWARE, an operating system for Artificial Intelligence for cognitive processing and a broad extension of the portal’s asset search functionality. These enhancements, explains Veritone, enable content rights holders or content creators to take advantage of robust metadata management, packaged delivery of multiple files, automated creation of rich metadata, and exponentially greater search and discovery capabilities.

Backed by the media workflow and orchestration components of Veritone Core asset management system, Digital Media Hub offers an increasing array of digital asset management capabilities.

Once content is captured and ingested into Core, Digital Media Hub allows that content to be accessed centrally, analyzed with select cognitive engines through aiWARE, and made immediately available to global stakeholders, such as media, partners, and sponsors.

IBC Stand: 5.C24