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Inovonics Preps New Monitor Receivers

679 handles FM and HD Radio signals

Inovonics describes its INOmini 679 as a third-generation, small form-factor FM and FM band HD Radio broadcast monitor receiver. It receives both analog FM and digital HD1­–HD8 radio channels for confidence monitoring and delivers a high-quality audio feed for rebroadcast or program distribution throughout a broadcast facility with adjustable analog and AES digital audio outputs.

Onboard is a sensitive, DSP-based software-defined radio. Balanced analog and AES digital program line outputs are available simultaneously. The levels are independently adjustable. The screen displays RBDS, PAD info, RSSI, SNR, Cd/No, multipath and HD level metrics to help with receive antenna alignment.

Inovonics INOmini 679

Front-panel alarms and rear-panel “tallies” indicate HD reception loss, low signal and audio loss. Inovonics says the 679 will stay on-mode and on-channel through signal and power loss and won’t blend between FM and HD Radio as consumer units do. Split Mode audio monitoring aids transmission diversity delay setup.

Free firmware updates are easily installed in the field via USB.


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