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Ready for Real Live Audio Sessions Again?

AES brings its show to the NAB Show next month

Due to the cancellation of the in-person AES Show, Oct. 10–13, in Las Vegas, on Sept. 15, after this was published, much of this story is now moot. However, the online program starting Oct. 20 and running through Oct. 23 is still expected to continue.

The Audio Engineering Society will be a bit of a two-step in October.

Firstly, it will co-habitate with the NAB Show in Las Vegas, Oct. 10–13 for an in-person get-together at the Westgate. Then it will go online for a massive series of sessions and workshops called AES Fall Online 2021.

The main day for the Vegas leg is Monday, Oct. 11, starting at 9 a.m.. Sessions that would be of interest to the Radio World audience include “Those Crazy Remote Broadcasts” (with Kirk Harnack), “Why and Audio Processor Is Necessary” (with Frank Foti), “Using SNMP” (with Jeff Welton, Nautel, and Tony Peterle, WorldCast), “Understanding Audio for SMPTE 2110,” “Guidelines for Streaming Loudness” (with John Kean) and “Maintenance, Troubleshooting and Training.”

Of course there’ll be events and audio celebrities such as Al Schmitt and Chuck Ainley making appearances.

Here is a schedule of events for the online sessions.

The online session menu is still in development but some items of interest are sparkling.

Listed for Wednesday, Oct. 20 are “Advantages of Using Metadata” (with John Kean), “Planning a Multistation Facility” (with David Skalish, Audacy), “Spatial Audio in Podcasting” (with MPR’s Rob Byers), “Understanding SNMP (with Tom Ray) and “MPX Transport for Broadcast” (with Frank Foti).

Needless to say there are many other sessions that could pique the curiosity of the Radio World reader (Hint: “Dead Tech: Is Anything Ever Really Obsolete?”).