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Sonifex Sees Future In Red

Sonifex Sees Future In Red

Sonifex has made several additions to the Redbox range of analog and digital audio interface boxes.
The new units include three stereo matching amplifiers for interfacing domestic or semi-professional unbalanced equipment, such as a CD player, to professional balanced line levels: RB-UL1 single converter; RB-UL2 dual converter and RB-UL4 quad converter, in a 1 RU mount.
The RB-UL2 and the RB-UL4 will be available in April.
Other additions include, the RB-MA1 single microphone amplifier, which consists of a low noise microphone pre-amplifier for converting mic level signals to line level or for driving long lines from microphones to mixing equipment. The RB-SM1 single stereo to mono converter converts a fully buffered and balanced mono line output from a stereo input.
The RB-SD1 silence detection unit is used to monitor an unattended stereo studio feed and will switch through an alternative signal if it detects that the studio feed has gone below a defined audio level for a defined period of time.
Remote inputs and outputs can be used to signal alarm conditions and to control the RB-SD1. The secondary input signal can either be in the form of a recorded message or a previously recorded program.