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Spanish Speakers Entertain Spanish Programming

Univision/AP poll looks at media habits of Hispanics in U.S.

A Univision/Associated Press poll sought to outline the extent of penetration by, and usage of, Spanish broadcasts for a group defined as U.S. Hispanics.

The poll allowed for a separation as to whether the person was English language-dominant or Spanish language-dominant.

Survey said:

Of Spanish language-dominant speakers, 90 percent watched some Spanish language television and 75 percent listened to Spanish language radio.

Of English language-dominant Hispanics, 40 percent indicated they took in Spanish language programming, either TV or radio.

Ceril Shagrin, executive vice president of audience measurement innovation and analytics for Univision, stated: “The Univision-AP poll on media consumption confirms that Hispanics who speak English and Spanish continue to choose Spanish-language TV and radio for culturally relevant content they can’t get anywhere else.”

Additionally, the poll looked at Internet usage and found that 57 percent of Spanish-dominant Hispanics have Internet access at home and that 90 percent visit Spanish-language sites.

The two organizations are releasing their in a series of articles. They’ve looked the diversity, views and experiences of Hispanics as well as topics like Hispanic identity and language barriers.

Many U.S. Latinos Who Speak English Turn to Spanish TV, Radio